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Number sticker / Number series stickers: 50 x 50 mm


Number sticker 50 mm square

Also available in 100 mm and 150 mm

Material selections

The following materials are available for your 'Number sticker / number series' stickers:

  • Vinyl: Self-adhesive vinyl plastic (sticky back plastic).

    • 'Standard' option: For application of your 'Number sticker / number series' stickers to smooth surfaces.
    • 'Mirror image' option: For application of your 'Number sticker / number series' stickers on the inside of window glass, the stickers will appear the correct way round when viewed from outside.

Note: All 'Number sticker / number series' stickers are over-laminated with a clear vinyl protective layer. This protective layer helps reduce fading due to ultra violet (UV) light exposure from the sun. The layer can also help in making the removal of graffiti from your 'Number sticker / number series' stickers much easier with reduced likelihood of damage to the stickers in the process.

Fixing methods

The following fixing methods are available for your 'Number sticker / number series' stickesr:

Vinyl stickers:

Firstly make sure the fixing surface is smooth, grease free, clean and dry before applying your 'Number sticker / number series' sticker. Peel off the backing material from your self-adhesive vinyl plastic sticker. Align and gently fix the 'Number sticker / number series' sticker along the full edge of its longest side holding the remainder of the sticker away from the fixing surface. Then, from the fixed edge, rub flat from side to side with a soft cloth gradually moving towards the other side whilst allowing the vinyl to move toward the fixing surface. Take care not to trap any air in your 'Number sticker / number series' sticker as unwanted bubbles will be formed. Air bubbles can usually be removed by popping the plastic surface gently with a sharp pin and then rubbing in a circular motion towards the pin hole to remove unwanted air. Take your time and take great care when applying your 'Number sticker / number series' sticker as once the adhesive makes contact with the surface, the sticker will most likely be destroyed if it is removed.

How to buy your number sticker / number series stickers:

  • Select your text colour choice from the first pull down menu.

  • Enter your 'sequence start number' and 'sequence end number' in the boxes provided.

  • Determine the total number of stickers in your series by subtracting your 'series start number' from your 'series end number' and then adding 1 to the result - the final result is the total number of stickers you need.

  • Select the banding containing your total from the 'Total Number of Stickers' pull down menu.

  • Select the quantity of your chosen series that you require then add to basket


If this online number series sticker facility does not cater for your specific requirements please get in touch and we will try to help. Number series can for example be supplied mounted on our standard range of backing materials e.g. 3 or 5 mm Plastic, Dibond or aluminium. Once we have your requirements we can quote accordingly.

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All 'Number sticker / number series' sticker prices are inclusive of VAT

Options for products may include the following: quantity, size, thickness, backing material, standard or mirror image, text/background colour, your choice of text, direction arrows etc. When on a product page, select the options you require from the pull down menus.